List of contributors

The team of developers would like to thank the contributors for their precious help in testing the code, finding bugs, contributing code, documentation and other precious feedback. In order to recognize these contributions, we prepared a list of contributors, with their affiliation and references to the specific contribution in the version tracking control system for OpenQBMM.

The following list summarizes the external contributors to the OpenQBMM project who were not part of the team of developers. Details of the contributions can be found in the log of the git repository, at the commit identified in the table below.

Name Affiliation Contribution
Daniele L. Marchisio

Dongyue Li

Politecnico di Torino
  1. Implementation of kernels for liquid-liquid systems
Frédérique Laurent-Nègre  Ecole Centrale Paris – EM2C – CNRS
  1. Algorithm to check the realizability of a set of moments
  2. Improved solution algorithm to find the sigma parameter in EQMOM
  3. Theoretical formulation of the realizable second-order moment advection schemes
James Guthrie University of Strathclyde
  1. Ensured compatibility with OpenFOAM 3.0.x and testing
Matteo Icardi University of Warwick
  1. Implemented growth term framework and constant growth term for univariate PBE
  2. Implemented molecular diffusion sub-model for univariate PBE
Pete Bachant
  1. Improvement to GitHub site
  2. Integration with Travis CI and vera++