Short courses, lectures and talks

Short courses

  1. R. O. Fox, Multiscale modeling in computational fluid dynamics, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Rhode Saint Genèse, Belgium, May 17th, 2017, DOI (2 files).
  2. R. O. Fox, Computational models for polydisperse particulate and multiphase systems, February 21st – April 6th, 2017, DOI.
  3. R. O. Fox, Introduction to disperse multiphase flows, SCK.CEN Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology, Mol, Belgium, March 24th, 2017, DOI (2 files).
  4. A. Passalacqua, Introduction to OpenQBMM and quadrature-based moment methods, 11th OpenFOAM Workshop, Guimarães, Portugal, June 28th, 2016, DOI.


  1. A. Passalacqua, Quadrature-based moment methods for polydisperse multiphase flows, Jean d’Alembert Inaugural Lecture, CentraleSupelec, Université Paris-Saclay, June 21st, 2018, DOI.
  2. R. O. Fox, Introduction to disperse multiphase flows, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, April 5th, 2017, DOI.
  3. R. O. Fox, Introduction, challenges and multiscale methods in computational fluid dynamics, International school on multiscale methods for non-reacting and reacting flow simulations, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, January 23rd – 27th, 2017, DOI (2 files).
  4. R. O. Fox, Multiscale modeling in computational fluid dynamics, Francqui Inaugural Lecture, Ghent University, Belgium, December 7th, 2016, DOI.
  5. R. O. Fox, Turbulent mixing. From fundamentals to CFD models, NAMF Award Lecture, 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, November 14th, 2016, DOI.


  1. R. O. Fox, Multi-scale modeling of polydisperse multiphase flows using quadrature-based moment methods, The 15th International Conference for Mesoscopic Methods in Engineering and Science, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA July 9th – 13th, 2018, DOI.
  2. A. Passalacqua, Quadrature-based moment methods for turbulent mixing and gas-liquid flows, EM2C Seminar, CentraleSupelec, France, July 5th, 2018, DOI.
  3. A. Passalacqua, Quadrature-based moment methods for polydisperse gas-liquid flows, LEGI Seminar, Grenoble, France, June 4th, 2018, .DOI
  4. R. O. Fox, Hyperbolic quadrature method of moments, Workshop on Moment Methods in Kinetic Theory III, Peking University, Beijing, China, September 24th – 27th, 2017, DOI.
  5. A. Passalacqua, OpenQBMM – Quadrature-based moment methods for polydisperse multiphase flows, University of Ghent, Belgium, June 15th, 2017, DOI .
  6. R. O. Fox, J. Morchain, B. Polizzi, V. Quedeville, P. Villedieu, Population balance and hydrodynamic models for bioreactors, FFBiotech Symposium, University of Lille, May 15th – 16th, 2017, DOI.
  7. R. O. Fox, Chemical reactor modeling using computational fluid dynamics, Saint-Gobain CREE, March 3rd, 2017, DOI.
  8. R. O. Fox, Eulerian models for disperse multiphase flows, von Karman Institute, Rhode-St-Genèse, Belgium, March 2nd, 2017 DOI.
  9. R. O. Fox, Eulerian models for disperse multiphase flows, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany, February 8th, 2017, DOI.
  10. R. O. Fox, Eulerian models for disperse multiphase flows – Status and challenges, MUSAF III, Toulouse, France, September 27th – 29th, 2016, DOI.
  11. R. O. Fox, Recent advances in CFD modeling of multiphase reactors, International Symposium InPROMPT 2016, Berlin, Germany, June 2nd – 3rd, 2016, DOI.
  12. A. Passalacqua, E. Madadi-Kandjani, J. C. Heylmun, R. O. Fox, A quadrature-based CFD model for turbulent reacting flows coupled with population balance model, International Conference on Multiphase Flow, Florence, Italy, May 22nd – 27th, 2016, DOI.
  13. A. Passalacqua, OpenQBMM – An open-source implementation of quadrature-based moment methods. Application to population balances and turbulent mixing, 1ère journée francaise des utilisateurs de OpenFOAM, Rouen, Normandie, France, May 18th, 2016 DOI.
  14. R. O. Fox, Quadrature-based moment methods in chemical engineering, Mathematics in (bio)Chemical Kinetics and Engineering 2015, July 2nd – 3rd, 2015, DOI.
  15. R. O. Fox., Quadrature-based moment methods for kinetic models, Workshop on Moment Methods in Kinetic Theory II, Fields Institute, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, October 14th – 17th, 2014, DOI.
  16. R. O. Fox, A. Passalacqua, Advanced computational models for polydisperse multiphase turbulent flows, SABIC Symposium: Creating Value Through Collaboration Bloemendal Hotel, Vaals, The Netherlands, June 24th – 26th, 2014, DOI.
  17. B. Kong. C. Yuan, A. Passalacqua, R. O. Fox, Numerical simulation of polydisperse bubbly flow using a mass-velocity quadrature-based moment method, The 52nd European Two-Phase Flow Group Meeting, Dresden, Germany, May 7th – 9th, 2014, DOI.
  18. R. O. Fox, Development of CFD models for analysis and design of chemical reactors, Topsoe Catalysis Forum, Munkerupgaard, Denmark, August 29th – 30th, 2013, DOI.