Solvers implementing univariate population balance equations

The following solvers implement the solution of population balance equations:

  • pbeFoam
    • Solver for population balance problems designed for use on single cell cases to validate kernels. The single cell mesh created on-the-fly.
    • Location: OpenQBMM/applications/solvers/pbeFoam/
  • pbeTransportFoam
    • Solver for population balance equation on steady velocity field.
    • Location: OpenQBMM/applications/solvers/pbeTransportFoam/
  • buoyantPbePimpleFoam
    • Transient solver for buoyant, turbulent flow of compressible fluids with solution of population balance. Turbulence is modelled using a run-time selectable compressible RAS or LES model.
    • Location: OpenQBMM/applications/solvers/buoyantPbePimpleFoam/
  • compressiblePbeFoam
    • Transient solver for high-speed compressible flow with coupled population balance equation.
    • Available schemes for compressible flows are:
      • AUSM
      • AUSM+
      • HLL
      • HLLC
      • Roe
    • Location: OpenQBMM/applications/solvers/compressible/explicitRhoFoam/compressiblePbeTransportFoam

The following solvers implement mixing models:

  • mixingTransportFoam
    • Solver for mixing model on steady velocity field.
    • Location: OpenQBMM/applications/solvers/mixingTransportFoam/

The functionality of population balance models can be added to other solvers by means of the standard strategy used in OpenFOAM of declaring an autoPtr object to the PBE model

autoPtr<populationBalanceModel> populationBalance
        "populationBalance", populationBalanceProperties, phiByRho

and then invoking the solve method at the appropriate point of the solution algorithm in the desired solver: