OpenQBMM 2.0.0

OpenQBMM 2.0.0 is now available! A list of the major changes follows.

  1. A general framework for the solution of evolution equations involving a distribution function was implemented (univariatePDFTransportModel).
  2. Turbulent mixing models: a new solver, mixingTransportFoam, is provided to solve turbulent mixing models using velocity fields obtained from RANS flows solvers. The following mixing models are available:
    1. EQMOM – IEM
    2. EQMOM – Fokker-Planck
  3. Moment advection fluxes were completely re-implemented, and based on the Gauss-Radau quadrature, improving stability and leading to a slightly lower computational cost. This framework allows high-order realizable schemes to be accommodated.
  4. The EQMOM procedure was generalized to support the beta kernel density function, allowing to manage problems involving NDF with support over [0, 1].
  5. The moment inversion algorithm implemented in the univariateMomentSet was extended
    1. The moment realizability test was extended to manage moments of measures defined on compact supports
    2. The N+1 nodes Gauss-Radau quadrature was implemented as alternative to standard N-nodes Gauss quadrature
  6. Multivariate moment inversion (CQMOM) was implemented.
  7. Growth models are now available in the population balance equation solver (external contribution).
  8. Validation cases for the population balance solvers were added to the validation suite, demonstrating the application of the method to problems involving aggregation and breakup in Taylor-Couette reactors.

We would like to thank our contributors and users, who provided important feedback.

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