OpenQBMM 3.0.0 released

We are pleaded to announce the release of OpenQBMM 3.0.0. Major changes are summarized below:

  1. Multiphase solver polydisperseBubbleFoam for gas-liquid systems based on the solution of a generalized population balance equation for a joint size-velocity NDF (Contributed by Jeffrey Heylmun). The computational model allows each bubble size to have its own velocity (polycelerity), and relies on the mono-kinetic approximation for the velocity of the gas phase. Validation cases are available in OpenQBMM/validation/polydisperseBubbleFoam/
  2. Multiphase solver denseAGFoam for monodisperse gas-solid flows, based on the anisotropic Gaussian model (Contribution of Dr. Bo Kong). Tutorials are available in OpenQBMM/tutorials/denseAGFoam/. The current implementation will be further developed in future releases of OpenQBMM, and functionality to describe polydisperse gas-particle flows will be added.
  3. Realizable ODE solver for the source terms in the univariate PDF transport model. The implemented approach allows to preserve moment realizability and to significantly speed up the calculation. See pbeFoam tutorials for an example setup, and to observe the impact of the realizable ODE solver on the solver performance.
  4. Second-order realizable advection scheme for the transport of moments of distributions with support on the positive real line. The implementation of this scheme was achieved by restructuring the entire implementation of moment advection, which is now contained in its own class (univariateMomentAdvection).
  5. Reorganized the basic quadrature framework to allow run-time selection of the quadrature approach. Both the basic quadrature (Gauss, Gauss-Radau and Gauss-Lobatto) and the extended quadrature method of moment can now be selected at run-time. The previous implementation of the univariateMomentSet object has been modified to accomodate the new functionality.
  6. Several improvements and corrections to improve the robustness of the moment inversion algorithm were made.
  7. Updated code documentation to reflect changes made to OpenQBMM 3.0.0. The code documentation is continuously updated for the development branch, and is available here.
  8. Improved code to ensure compatibility with clang and ICC, in addition to gcc.
  9. Basic integration of Travis CI (Contribution of Pete Bachant).
  10. Ported code to OpenFOAM 5 from the OpenFOAM Foundation, which is the only version supported by this release of OpenQBMM.
  11. Code tested on openSUSE LEAP 42.3 with default gcc, and on Windows 10 WSL with OpenFOAM packages on Fall Creators Update.

A complete list of changes is available in the commit history of our GitHub repository.

We would like to thank our contributors and users, who provided important feedback. If you encounter a bug, please open an issue using our GitHub bug tracker. Questions can be asked on the forum.

Please, cite this version of OpenQBMM using DOI

If you prefer to generically cite OpenQBMM instead of a specific version, please use the DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.591651.

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