OpenQBMM 4.0.0 for OpenFOAM 6.x is now available

We are pleased to release OpenQBMM 4.0.0 for OpenFOAM 6.x. This release includes several new developments and improvements to existing algorithms to improve their robustness. Notably:

  • A new algorithm was implemented in the poly-disperse gas-liquid solver to remove inconsistencies between the transported moments and the two-fluid model used to solve for the mean flow.
  • The hyperbolic conditional quadrature method of moments was implemented, enabling the description of dilute gas-particle flows far from equilibrium conditions. This approach is capable of predicting particle trajectory crossing and ensures the moment conservation equations are hyperbolic (See R.O. Fox, F. Laurent, A. Vié, Conditional hyperbolic quadrature method of moments for kinetic equations, Journal of Computational Physics. 365 (2018) 269–293. doi:10.1016/
  • Improvements to the zeta advection scheme and the corresponding validation cases were made to ensure robustness. Tutorials were updated with more appropriate numerical settings for the limiters used in the reconstruction procedure.
  • Validation test cases are now available for the polydisperse bubbly flow solver.
  • Verification cases to demonstrate the order of accuracy of the zeta advection scheme are provided in the tutorial case for both hexahedral and triangular grids.

For a detailed list of changes with respect to OpenQBMM 3.0.0, please refer to the list of commits following no. ed848c2c6b05c03c9cb7fd1235b1be19de3446a3.

This release is also the opportunity to announce the official contribution of the OpenQBMM code base to the OpenFOAM Foundation, which is discussed more in detail here.

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