OpenQBMM 5.0.0 for OpenFOAM 7 is now available

We are pleased to release OpenQBMM 5.0.0 for OpenFOAM 7. Notable changes in this release:

  • A new size-velocity quadrature algorithm has been implemented relying on the hyperbolic conditional quadrature method of moments (HyCQMOM). This approach allows the description of particulate flows over a wide range of volume fractions, incorporating the effect of size distribution. The particle velocity is conditioned on the particle size, and each particle size can have its own velocity distribution. This implementation generalizes the HyCQMOM approach implemented in OpenQBMM 4.0.0, which was only describing the velocity distribution of a monodisperse particle population, extending the capabilities of the vdfTransportFoam solver, which now can manage both mono- and the poly-disperse phases.
    • The following solvers implementing the new approach are:
      • vdfTransportFoam for pure granular flows (not coupled with a fluid phase)
      • oneWayCoupledVdfTransportFoam for one-way coupled fluid-particle flows
      • diluteVdfTransportFoam for two-way coupled fluid-particle flows
    • Collision models are
      • BGK
      • esBGK (mono and bi-disperse)
      • Boltzmann (mono and bi-disperse)
      • noCollisions
    • Available boundary conditions are
      • Fixed temperature (fixedTemperature, fixes the granular temperature)
      • Null flux (noFlux)
      • outflow
      • reflective
      • reflectiveMovingWall
      • reflectiveRotatingWall
      • symmetry
  • A suite of single-phase compressible schemes was implemented and made available in the explicitRhoFoam solver.
    • The supported fluxes are:
      • AUSM
      • AUSMPlus
      • HLLC
      • HLL
      • Roe
    • Time integration can be performed with one of the following schemes:
      • Euler
      • Second-order Runge-Kutta
      • Second-order Runge-Kutta Strong Stability Preserving (SSP)
      • Third-order Runge-Kutta SSP
      • Runge-Kutta 4-5
      • Fourth-order Runge-Kutta SSP
      • Fourth order Runge-Kutta-Feglberg
  • A compressible solver allowing for the solution of a population balance equation in a compressible carrier flow was implemented in compressiblePbeTransportFoam. This solver allows to model the evolution of a particle population with non-inertial particles (very small Stokes number) in a compressible flow.
  • The quasi second-order realizable scheme for the transport of velocity moments was implemented.
  • The denseAGFoam solver now has the option to solve for the pressure equation formulated in terms of p_rgh for improved robustness.
  • The realizable ODE solver has been generalized to support the integration of moment source terms in the multiphase solvers.
  • Several changes have been made to the data structure to accommodate the new quadrature algorithms.

For a detailed list of changes with respect to OpenQBMM 4.0.0, please refer to the list of commits following no. 956f91d48d5ba833747e982b6caa559b0b9dbbc2.

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