New branch structure

The OpenQBMM repository at GitHub has been reorganized as follows:

  1. the master branch is now based on OpenFOAM v1912 instead than OpenFOAM 7 to facilitate synchronization with the sub-module in OpenFOAM from
  2. the development branch based on OpenFOAM 7 from has been renamed
  3. a new branch was added to track developments done on the code targeting the develop branch from the GitLab repository at
  4. the branch remains synchronized with master and is used to create the git submodule included

The immediate impact on users is the following:

  • users relying on OpenFOAM 7 can continue using OpenQBMM using the branch
  • users relying on OpenFOAM v1912 or following can use either the master or branch
  • user relying on OpenFOAM develop (ESI Gitlab) can use the master and branch, or use the git submodule provided directly via the GitLab repository.

Please, report feedback using the GitHub issue tracker.


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