The OpenQBMM live distribution

Users and educators who want to use OpenQBMM directly, without installing a Linux system and proceed with the standard installation procedure, can download the OpenQBMM live Linux distribution.

The OpenQBMM Linux distribution

The OpenQBMM Linux distribution is based on the openSUSE project, and it is built using the infrastructure of SUSE Studio. Different types of virtual images and of installation-ready formats are available through the dedicated page on SUSE Studio.


  • USB stick / Hard Disk image
    • This format allows the system to be installed either onto a USB stick, or directly on a hard disk. This is the recommended format because it allows user’s data to be preserved also when operating in live mode from a USB drive.
  • Virtual images
    • Virtual hard drives in the .vmdk (VirtualBox/VMWare) format are provided for users who want to run the software in a virtual environment, without the need of installing a Linux system on actual hardware.
  • OpenStack / KVM / SUSE Cloud image
    • Image ready for deployment on cloud systems based on OpenStack and SUSE Cloud.

Obtaining and using the OpenQBMM live Linux distribution

The OpenQBMM Linux distribution can be downloaded from SUSE Studio at the page You will need to login to download your virtual image. This is a requirement of SUSE Studio. Any of the following accounts are accepted:

  • Novell
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • OpenID

After logging in, it will be possible to select the desired format of the live image. At the end of the download process, the image will have to be installed following the appropriate procedure for the format chosen: